Korean Blogathon 2011

The Korean Blogathon 2011 is now over!

Below are links to all of the posts in this years blogathon. It was our first year of running the event but certainly won’t be the last – we’ll be back at a similar time next year. Everyone at NewkoreanCinema.com and cineAWESOME.com would like to say thank you to everyone involved – everyone who took the time to write a post and everyone who took the time to read them. It really is appreciated. The aim of the blogathon was always to promote Korean cinema and to highlight the many great sites, writers and opinions about Korean cinema. The posts below speak for themselves – top tens, reviews, profiles, interviews, examinations of themes and ideas – there’s something here for everyone.

Thanks again to everyone!

(Don’t know what the Korean Blogathon is? Check out the original announcement here)

Monday 7th March 2011

Yam Mag review of HaHaHa

cineaAWESOME! interview with Yoon Seon-ho

In Review: PORTRAIT OF YOUTH (Kwak Ji-Gyun, 1991)

Du film coréen noir (de chez noir)

Vampires, Wrestlers, Murderers and Princesses: A Personal Top Ten

Hangul Celluloid Review of Natali

A Spy Remaining Behind (1975)

Anikor Network post [now a broken link]

Hitchcock wannabe

Unresolved Contradictoriness – HAPPY END

Varied Celluloid Reviews ‘Steal It If You Can’

L’Arirang de Kuro (Kuro Arirang) de Park Chong-won (1989)

Korean Film Archive – Photo Report /// Képes beszámoló a Koreai Filmarchívumról

Anikor Network post [now a broken link]

What’s Korean Cinema? 2: Welcome To Dongmakgol [Podcast]

VCinema Reviews ‘Late Autumn (2010)’

Why I Love Korean Cinema

Tuesday 8th March 2011

 YAM Mag Review The Good, The Bad, The Weird

‘Motherly Love’

New Korean Cinema Review Sky Blue

‘Secret Ray of Sunshine’

Top Ten Korean Films

An Interview with Jang Cheol-Su

YAM Mag Review A Barefoot Dream

Castaway On The Moon

Why Am I Fascinated With Korean Films?

Bike Boy (2003)

Cruel Winter Blues

Korean Actor Spotlight: Choi Min-shik

Varied Celluloid Review I Saw The Devil

Joint Security Area (Gongdong gyeongbi guyeok JSA) de Park Chan-wook (2000)

Coffee Coffee and More Coffee Review The Housemaid

Blue Print Review Demon Empire

YAM Mag Review Baby & Me

Aimless Bullet (1961 / Yu Hy?n-Mok)

Elegiacomo Tumblr Post [now a broken link]

YAM Mag Review My Boyfriend is Type B

VCinema Review Sex Is Zero

Wednesday 9th March 2011

 In Review: HAND OF DESTINY (Han Hyung-mo, 1954)

YAM Mag Review Moss

cineAWESOME! Review KAFFNY 2011

Castaway in Hollywood: Remakes of Korean films

Legendary Director Yoo Hyeon Mok (Part One)

Jong-Ho Bong’s “Mother”

Wonderwall: The Red Chapel and the Principals of Cultural Exchange

I Saw the Devil – Review

I Saw the Devil VS. Man from Nowhere

Legendary Director Yoo Hyeon Mok (Part Two)

ACF 700: LEE Chang-dong’s “Poetry”

Lee Hae-jun: Master of Quirk

Robot x Robot Review Forever With You (1958)

Far East Films Review Missing

Varied Celluloid Reviews Peppermint Candy

Les Corrompus (Oyomdoen Jashik-dul) de Im Kwon-taek (1982)

Far East films Review Closer To Heaven

Voice (Someone Behind You) (2007)

Anikor Network post [now a broken link]

DVD release: 71 Into the Fire

ACF 1254: South Korean animation double feature coming to MAD

VCinema Review The Coast Guard (2002)

YAM Mag Review Haeundae

VCinema Review Kimjongilia (2009)

Thursday 10th March 2011

The Movie Blog Reviews Memories of Murder

A Million: the hypocrisy of “reality”

YAM Mag Review Annyong, Sayonara

Reading Korean Cinema: Books, Books, Books…

TightRoping Elephant Post [now a broken link]

Decline in Western Interest for Korean Cinema?

5 Things That May Surprise You About Korean Cinema

Korean Film Downunder Volume 1

La réception d’un film

Planet Chocko Review Champion

The Korean Film Blogathon: Crush and Blush

Noël en août (Palwolui christmas) de Hur Jin-ho (1998)

Sympathy For Mr Vengeance Review

What Should be on the Radar for Korean Cinema Fans

Varied Celluloid Review A Bittersweet Life

Deadly Dolls House – Call Me

[Music] Memories Of Music – Korean Film Scores

Film review: Sona, the other myself

VCinema Review Steal It If You Can

The Popularity of the Korean Drama

Friday 11th March 2011

The Politics of Solitude: Oldboy and Korean Noir

Film Music and Kim Jee-woon: A Bittersweet Life Original Soundtrack

Our Sweet Days of Youth (1987)

YAM Mag Review Auld Lang Syne

 YAM Mag Review I’m Jin Young

 Tales From a K-Drama Widower

The Quiz Show Scandal Review

A Movie is A Movie

Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival

Korean Cinema: Crossing Borders, Crossing Genres

The Man From Nowhere (Ajeossi) 2010

An A to Z Guide to Korean Cinema – Part 1

Anikor Network Post [Now a broken link]

Varied Celluloid Review No Mercy For The Rude

cineAWESOME! Review The Chaser

VCinema Review Thirst

cineAWESOME! Review The Host

VCinema Review The Chaser

Saturday 12th March 2011

What Can Be Done for Korean Film Distribution

Lee Chang-dong finds an Oasis

The Poetry of Lee Chang-dong

Reel Friction Review Nowhere To Hide

10K Bullets Review The Man From Nowhere

The Significance of ‘Manly Tears’ for the Reclamation of the Male Id in Korean Cinema

New Korean Cinema Review 71: Into The Fire

Bedevilled review Korean Blogathon

VCinema Review A Dirty Carnival

Korean Cinema Blogathon 2011…the DARK SIDE!

How To Survive In A K-Drama World

100 Years of Korean Cartoon – Photo Report /// 100 éves a koreai képregény (manhwa)

Varied Celluloid Review My Wife Is A Gangster 2

Ha Ha Ha de Hong Sang-soo (2010)

Planet Chocko Review The Foul King

Korean Cinema vs. Korean Television

The fairy tale of K-horror

A Small Look on the Turning Point in Korean Cinema

Ein kleiner Blick auf den Wendepunkt im koreanischen Kino

An A to Z Guide to Korean Cinema – Part 2

Jeonju Film Festival and Jeonju Digital Project

Sunday 13th March 2011

Asian Movie Web Review Midnight FM

Anikor Network Post [Now a broken link]

Heading West First Korean Then Hollywood

Korean Film Blogathon 2011 Highlights

Mama Loves Her Baby and Daddy Loves You Too: Maternal Instincts and The Host

Asian Movie Web Reviews Moss

An Interview with Director Gina Kim

I failed to write about Korean cinema, in the end

Im Sang-soo wipes the house clean

Bong Joon-Ho: Master of menace

The Golden Rock Korean Blogathon Edition – Why South Korean Indies Will Live, and Hong Kong Indies May Not

Tight Roping Elephants Post [Now a broken link]

Varied Celluloid Reviews Thirst

The Quiet Family Review

Men, Women and Hand-Scythes: Urbanoia and Gender in Yang Chul-soo’s Bedevilled

Welcomed to Dongmakgol: An Interview with Steve Taschler

Let Your Seoul Glow: My Journey to Korean Cinema

Init Moving Picture Post [Now a broken link]

cineAWESOME! Reviews The Magicians

VCinema Reviews The Foul King

daytime drinking, nighttime blogging

The Cage of Conscience: Visual Motifs in “Aimless Bullet”

VCinema Post [Now a broken link]

La Petite fille de la terre noire (Geomen tangyi soneyeo oi) de Jeon Soo-il (2007)

cineAWESOME! Reviews Gagman

Observing Kim Ki-duk Part 1: Auteur Origin

The Chaser Review

VCinema Podcast Episode 25: The Housemaid(s)


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